OfficeBridge (OB-800) : MFX-2335/2835 series


OfficeBridge increases the functionally of your MFX-2335B/2335/2835/2835R at low cost.
This connectivity application expands the capabilities of the MFX-2
335B/2335/2835/2835R with network print, network scan, internet fax, scan to e-mail/folder/FTP and user management functions - all-in-one powerful business machines.

Network scanning
-Scan office documents to users on the network with easy operation.
Network printing
-High-speed network printer.
-Security print is available.
Desktop Faxing
-Send and receive fax direct from the PC.
Internet fax
-Send and receive fax via the Internet,no telephone call cost.
User & Security management
-Achieve shared use and management of document information.
-Policy setting for each users
-IP address & MAC address filtering

Network Solution

Scan to folder
Simply scan to a specific personal or shared folder on a network.
Scan files at various resolution, for image clarity and file size.

Scan to e-mail
You can send important documents to a remote e-mail address as TIFF,PDF
JPEG attachments directly from the MFX-2335B/2335/2835/2835R.E-mail addresses are stored into one-touch keys ease of use.(*MFX-2335B can not support JPEG and one-touch key.)

Desktop faxing
Desktop faxing can send documents created with a Windows application software such as "Microsoft Word", to a remote fax or e-mail destination directly from your PC and can select the recipients and documents comfortably by using OfficeBridge address book which has
2,000 or more locations.
You can view a received fax on your PCand save paper without the need to print documents.

Internet Fax
As it is possible to send documents from the MFX-2
335B/2335/2835/2835R to a remote Internet FAX unit via Internet instead of phone lines, you can achieve fast transmission and better image quality and save in phone cost.
Network Printing
You can use OfficeBridge as a GDI-based network printer as standard and also PCL optional printer is available.



Scan documents into a private inbox for security and convenience

Scan documents into a public inbox for convenient sharing

Machien can achive Transmitted/Recieved FAX documents on the shared folder.
Policy setting for each user. (Max. 200 users can be registered.)

Scanner Features
Scan method Mono (MFX-2335B)
Mono/Color (MFX-2335/2835/2835R)
Scanner Resolution 200dpi / 300dpi / 600dpi
File Formats PDF,TIFF (MFX-2335B)
PDF,TIFF,JPEG (MFX-2335/2835/2835R)
Scan to E-mail Yes, Shortcut: 2,000
Scan to Folder Yes, Shortcut: 300
Scan to FTP Yes, Shortcut: 20
Scan to Printer Yes
Scan to User Box Yes, Max.200 user boxes

Printer Features
Printer Resolution
600 x 600dpi
Emulation GDI (PCL5e / PCL XL option)
Security Print Yes, Max. 200 users
Operating System Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8
Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012

Fax Features
Desktop Faxing Yes
Internat Fax Yes (T.37 protocol)
Address Book 2,000 locations
Group Dialling 200 groups
Fax Forwarding Yes (fw. to Mail / Folder / User Box)
Fax Archiving Yes

Sucurity & Other Features
Ethernet Interface 10/100 BaseT, RJ-45 connection
Network Protocol TCP/IP
IP address filtering Yes
MAC address filtering Yes
User Policy setting Yes
Cost Account setting Yes
Auto Backup settiong Yes
SNMP setting Yes

*Muratec reserve the right to change design,features and specification details without prior notice.
 Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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