What is E-Waste?

Paramount We are living in an Electronic era. Our rate of consumption of electronic resources has increased over the last decade and will continue to rise in the future.

Electronics industry is the world’s largest and fastest growing industry throughout the whole world. As a consequence of this growth, discarded electronic and electrical equipment or ‘e-waste’ is now the most rapidly growing waste problem in the world.

“E-Waste or electronic waste is a term used to describe discarded electronic or electrical devices which have reached the end of their useful life are called. These products could be anything right from the electrical and electronic equipment or components.”

Simply put, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) or e-waste is end-of-life electronic and electrical gadgets, in simpler words, broken, surplus or obsolete gadgets run by electricity. The unsafe and environmentally risky practice adopted by them poses great risks to health and environment.

E-waste can comprise of anything valuable such as gold, copper, aluminium, silver, and palladium, to anything hazardous like lead, cadmium, and mercury. If not taken proper care of, the consequences of disposing of e-waste can lead to toxic emission to water, air, and soil which can eventually cause precarious environment and health hazards. Thus, proper awareness is important, when it comes to disposing of e-waste.

PARAMOUNT E-Waste Program

In developing country like India, most E-waste lands up in the informal sector where it is recycled without any consideration to health and environment. We, being responsible citizen here at Paramount Digital Business Systems Pvt. Ltd contributes our share of Environmental Responsibility and aiding in taking care of our environment. Hence, we have been incessantly working towards the safe disposal of electronic waste.

As electronic devices contain some perilous constituents under our e-waste policy, we work in synchronization with the E-waste (Management) Rules 2016, a legislation passed by the MoEF & CC, Government of India.

Abiding by all the pertinent laws associated with e-waste management, Our Company has been continuously working towards the same. The company has partnered with Deshwal Waste Management Pvt. Ltd , a leading e-waste Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO). Together with Deshwal Waste Management Pvt. Ltd ., PARAMOUNT has been doing its best in order to proffer environmentally sound management of electronic devices which have reached their end-of-life.

Working harmoniously with Deshwal Waste Management Pvt. Ltd . , PARAMOUNT will make sure that the discarded electronics be managed in a way that there should be no harm to the environment. By doing so, the company ensures that the environment is protected against all the possible hazards of inappropriate waste management.

Proper E-Waste Management

  • Always get your electronic products recycled only by the authorized dismantlers/recyclers.
  • Always try to keep the glass surface of any electronic product from breakage.
  • In case any of your PARAMOUNT products i.e Drum Cartridge ,Toner Cartridges and other accessories has reached its end-of-life, contact us through Toll Free No.
  • As per safe waste disposal options, make sure you remove packaging materials from the electronic products.


  • Never try to disassemble or deconstruct any electronic product on your own.
  • Always avoid discarding any kind of electronic product in bins which have the ‘DO NOT DISPOSE’ sign.li>
  • It is advised to avoid giving e-waste to unorganized and informal sectors like rag pickers or local scrap dealers.
  • E-waste should never be thrown with the municipal waste as it may reach landfills and bring hazardous effects on the environment.

Where and how can you recycle your e-waste?

PARAMOUNT E-waste program starts with receiving e-waste pickup request from our end customers through e-mails & toll free number after which PARAMOUNT will inform Deshwal Waste Management Pvt. Ltd which is our Reverse Logistic Partner as well who bears the responsibility of e-waste collection from customer end and disposing them to their Recycling Unit. No fee is charged from the consumer for giving the goods for recycling and there is no monetary benefit included in the Recycling Program. The solo aim is to serve the Environment by keeping it clean.

To recycle your waste electronic items, all you have to do is drop e-waste pick up request by calling us on Toll Free No. 18001802134.

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